Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thinking about Christmas Cards.

Today I received in my email a post from Keeping the Kingdom first:
6 Ways to Save Money on Christmas Cards

This brought prompted my thought as to where I hid the cards I bought in one of the after Christmas sales last year. (number three on the above post. make sure you click on the link and check out the rest!)

I wanted to add what our church does:

We have "mailboxes", one for each letter of the alphabet, in which we place our cards for each other (placed in the letter for last name). This saves the postage we would have spent mailing them to each other.

We also have a "bank" in which each family gives as the Lord prompts. The money we save on postage can go there and then is donated to a needy family within the church or community.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today my sweetie turns 50.
Here's a pic of my handsome man taken the day our son, Scott married beautiful Amy.

Happy Birthday baby, I love you!


Wow, I can't believe I've been absent three months, or so.
Life here is good. The Lord has provided us with a lower house payment, almost three hundred dollars less a month! This is nothing short of the Glory of God. We were on the verge of losing the house and HE directed me to the right person at the mortgage company, who then rewrote our loan at a three percent lower interest rate. Praise Jesus!

Eddie and I are still working at our respective employers. I get a few more hours a week now than I did in the beginning. I'm still praying for full time either at McD, or another place of employment. HE will provide in HIS timing.

I'm afraid I'll probably still be hit or miss here (more miss than hit). We are currently dealing with dial up at home, which is definitely testing our patience. But, we are grateful to have that. Trying to make it to the library or church with our schedules was too difficult.

In the mean time, remember that the Lord will provide all our needs.
He is my rock and my refuge!