Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question of the week #30

This week's question ...

What time of day do you like to read the Bible?
My answer:
I like to start the day with at least a chapter. I also like to end the day with as much as I can still read and keep my eyes open.
My sound "weird" to some, but I have found that starting my day with scripture helps me keep my focus while I'm at work. I work in a fast food place with a lot of teenagers. So, you can imagine some of the conversations that go on. By starting my day in The Word, I have a sense of peace and strength that helps me either keep my mouth shut (as I often have to), or give my opinion when asked. By ending my day in scripture, I have found I have less nightmares than normal for me. (I've been plagued with this problem since I was a young child.) A wonderful friend once told me how reading scripture just before bedtime helped her son with the same problem. Thanks Lisa!!

Question of the week #29

How do you balance reading Christian books--bibles, nonfiction, fiction--with your other reading? Does your Christian reading get pushed to the side at times? Why or why not?
My answer:
I actually just read whatever I have available. Right now I'm about out of Christian non-fiction to read, and my local library has a poor selection and is slow to get them. Since I'm only able to access my email a couple of times a week, I've but my "paperbackswap" account on hold, so I won't be ordering anything soon either. I don't feel right ordering books, when I'm not able to send any out at this time.
That said, I prefer Christian books, because I can avoid the language found in most fiction these days. I also like the scripture references found in most Christian books.

Question of the week #28

This week's question:

Are you involved in a Bible Study or Sunday School class? Do you want to be?
My answer:
Yes, I teach the kids Sunday School class - up to age 12. I enjoy it very much. I just recently stepped down from doing Children's Church as well. I need to take some time to be fed and refreshed as I have been doing both for over two years now.

Question of the week #27

What do you think is the best starting place for those that are new to reading the Bible or for those wanting to get reacquainted with the Word?

My answer:

I definitely agree with Becky on this one:

The Gospel of John!

Question of the week #26

How is your Bible reading going? Are you meeting the goals you set earlier in the year? If you chose to go with a Bible reading plan, how is that going for you? Are you sticking with it? Have you experienced any setbacks along the way? Have you made Bible-reading a habit, a discipline? What have you learned along the way? Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share?
My answer:
My Bible reading is going well. Right now I'm reading through the Chronological Bible (NIV) each morning, and am actually ahead of the suggested reading schedule.
I think my next "task" for my evening reading will be a search for verses about a particular subject. I'm just not sure which one to choose. I'm thinking faith. But then, maybe that's too broad? Would definitely be a good one though.
No words of wisdom here. Heaven knows I don't have room to give someone else opinions in this area. Am I the only one that struggles with staying on task? I do pretty good for a time, then something will come up and throw me off schedule. I just can't seem to keep myself organized for any amount of time. Ugh!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Question of the Week #25

Do you like to talk about the Bible with other people? Do you like to have biblical discussions? debates? arguments? passionate ramblings?

I love to discuss the Bible, mostly with my husband or the kids at church. I'm not very good at debating, and definitely do not want to argue, since I sometimes feel like my knowledge is too poor, always wanting more. Passionate ramblings? More with myself, or, again, the kids and teens at church. I want them to experience a passion for The Word. Something I missed out on at their ages.

I liked Becky's idea of a game of 20 questions, based on the Bible. As a treat, the kids get a game of Bible Trivia on X-Box every month or two.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Question of the Week #24

This week's question...this week's question comes from Worthwhile Books.
At what age did you earnestly start to read the Scriptures? What motivated you?
My answer:
Honestly, not until I was almost 40.
This is part of my testimony, but...
On March 31, 1999, the house my boys and I were living in at the time caught fire. (believed to be faulty wiring in the kitchen). My youngest son, then 13, was home alone. I was at work, and my older son was at school. (different schools, different spring break schedules)
Whle we lost everything we had but the clothes on our backs, the Lord spared my son's life. I knew I had strayed far from HIM. I still feel this was his was of getting my attention. It still took me over a year to get a Bible and start reading it earnestly. But, praise Him, I did and have never had greater joy in my life.

Just wanted to share this video

One of our members sang this song Sunday. I had forgotten how much the words move me, so I thought I would share with all of you.


Just wanted to leave a little note, just in case anyone still come by here.

My husband lost his job a month ago, and we have disconnected the cable and the internet for now. I can pop in from time to time from the library or church, but it won't be consistent.

Praise the Lord for His provisions. We can have to tighten our belts, so to speak, but have been able to get by. Eddie's unemployment came through today, so we will be able to met our basic needs. God is good!