Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question of the week #30

This week's question ...

What time of day do you like to read the Bible?
My answer:
I like to start the day with at least a chapter. I also like to end the day with as much as I can still read and keep my eyes open.
My sound "weird" to some, but I have found that starting my day with scripture helps me keep my focus while I'm at work. I work in a fast food place with a lot of teenagers. So, you can imagine some of the conversations that go on. By starting my day in The Word, I have a sense of peace and strength that helps me either keep my mouth shut (as I often have to), or give my opinion when asked. By ending my day in scripture, I have found I have less nightmares than normal for me. (I've been plagued with this problem since I was a young child.) A wonderful friend once told me how reading scripture just before bedtime helped her son with the same problem. Thanks Lisa!!

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