Monday, January 3, 2011

Homekeeper's Journal 01/03/2011

In my Winter Kitchen…
Sadly, just a nice smelling kitchen.  I thought about some gingerbread, but we already have bread pudding and eggnog custard pie my wonderful husband made. : )

The hardest part about Winter for my household is ….
Adjusting to the cold weather.  My husband was raised in Arizona, and I'm a Navy brat...having moved to the midwest in my junior high years.  (Of course that was ages ago, but it's still my excuse)  After a month or so, we both get adjusted. 

My favorite Winter time meal is….
A good thick soup (such as taco soup or chicken tortilla soup) or a good bowl of chili.
I Do/Do Not (choose one) tend to be depressed in the Winter…..

I do tend to be depressed in the Winter and I believe its because of the lack of sunlight.I try to keep the curtains open during the day, and make sure I get out on my days off.
A favorite Winter time activity my family enjoys is ….
Since it's just the two of us, and we don't have much time together, anytime together is special.  My favorite is snuggling under a warm blanket and watching a movie.
To help my home look and feel inviting in the Winter….
I like to keep candles going in each room when I'm home.  I like a lot of color in each room, with curtains open while hubby is sleeping to keep things inviting.

How I dress to stay warm ……
Since I'm about menopausal age, I don't get cold as easy as my hubby.  I dress in layers around the house...t-shirt under a fleece shirt with knit pants.  I try to stay away from sweats, since they are not attractive at all.  The one thing that gets cold on me is my feet.  I wear slipper socks around the house and two pairs of knit socks outside.

One really important health rule for the Winter time I’d like to share ….
  To drink plenty of water in the Winter time. You can get dehydrated in the Winter as easily as in the Summer and lots of water can help your skin not to get so dry.

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