Monday, January 5, 2009

Eco-me giveaway

Eco-me is giving 2 lucky readers of Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls a sampling products!

~Body Sugar Scrub Elements
~Baby Hoodies
~Diaper Pail Deodorizer Elements
~Baby Room Spray Elements
~Eco-Me Bags

"Eco-Me specializes in 100% natural do-it-yourself kits that are good for you and the environment, too.

We created a line of cleaning kits to help people make their own natural, non-toxic, chemical-free products. In March of 2005 my 36-year-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. How does a healthy, athletic, spiritual and nutritionally organic young woman face the challenges of breast cancer?

With no family history of this disease nor a lifestyle to promote it, could my sister’s breast cancer be linked to the pollutants in our environment or toxic chemicals in our homes?

Is it possible that by simply cleaning your home you are creating a toxic environment? Could the chemicals in products that line our shelves lead to life threatening health risks?

Why are we taking such risks in our homes and with our well-being?
The need to remove unnecessary chemicals from our homes led our search for completely natural and chemical-free products.
The only problem was finding the products. Most natural cleaners still use synthetic chemicals for colorants and add trace amounts of ammonia and harsh additives to their products. So we decided that if we wanted a truly natural product we would have to make it ourselves and a few months later Eco-Me was born."

You have until 9:00 PM EST, January 9, 2009 to enter. Click here now!

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