Thursday, March 12, 2009

Question of the Week #9

Where do you go for comfort? When you're feeling sad? anxious? depressed? out-of-sorts? Where do you turn when life has got you down? When you're feeling lost and "disturbed" to borrow a term from good-old-Wycliffe? Do you turn to God? Do you turn to your family? your friends? To food? To chocolate? To exercise? To a book? A song? A movie? Your favorite teddy? These days do come to all of us, and it has always been interesting to me to see how different people cope...coping is an important skill after all! If and only if you feel comfortable sharing, answer a few of these questions...I don't want to make anyone feel too exposed or vulnerable. But this is big, really big, and sharing ideas and thoughts could be helpful, you know...

My answer:

In the past, my answer was food. Chocolate and Dr Pepper were favorites. Now, as a diabetic, that's not such a good idea. (not that it was before). In the past ten years, I've learned to lean on God. That doesn't mean I handle it well. Sadly, it takes me quite some time to deal with some things. Especially if I feel I (or a loved one) has been wronged by the world. I spend time in prayer or reading the Word. Praise music is also a great outlet for me. I'm also very fortunate in the fact that my husband is very patient and logical when I am not. He has a way of wording things to help me see what I need to see without making me feel stupid or wrong. The Lord has truly blessed me!

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