Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flip Camcorder Giveaway at I Never Grew Up

Here's a chance to win a Flip Camcorder! Head over to I Never Grew Up.
What an awesome prize! The Flip Ultra Video Camcorder is simple, it has built in software so
youI can flip out it’s USB arm, plug it into any laptop or desktop and quickly download the videos. It only takes 3 seconds to start up so you can quickly begin recording. The other things I love about it, how portable it is! Slip it in a pocket like a cell phone and you are on our way!

Go enter HERE.

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Anna said...

Hi Sherrilynn!
I just found you on a whim...I live in St. Joe too and have a couple of blogs. I would love to have a local reader :o)
I will be back ;)