Sunday, December 21, 2008

Once upon a time, coupons were a huge part of my life. As a single mom with two growing boys, I scrimped and saved every way I could. Earlier in the year, the Lord brought this practice back to my mind, knowing we would need to start being more frugal at the end of the year. Praise Him for preparing us ahead of time, He knows all!

Do you us coupons? If so, how do you organize them? I have mine in a large zippered pencil case, divided according to how our main grocery store is set up. (ex: frozen foods together, cereal, granola bars and breads together, etc) I also keep a running list of brands in the front for those crazy end-caps.

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Anna said...

Hi Sherrylinn,
I have been using coupons regularly since the end of August. I use a binder with clear baseball card organizers in it. I am beginning to think that it takes more time though, because I have to put 2 coupons in each little pocket. If they aren't the right size then I have to cut or fold and it just gets to be so much. Anyway, I like your idea and could definitely use a different one myself. Thanks for the post! See you later ;)