Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday December 21, 2008

Today I want to share the daily tip from The Generous Wife. Whether you subscribe to this or not, please take the time to pray for your spouse, your children, and all the other important people in your lives. Remember, prayer is our strongest weapon! If you are married, I also suggest you head over to the website and sign up. There is also a site for Generous Husbands! (not to mention some excellent forums that have helped me over the past seven years)

The next few days are likely to be both special and perhaps a bit stressful. You may be hoping that everyone loves their gifts, that a particular meal or gathering will be special, or that aunt Louise won't be rude to your son's girlfriend. ;)
Let's just take a moment, as a (cyber) gathering of women (there are over 15,500 of us now), and pray for each other. Pray that we can communicate the true meaning of Christmas to those around us and pray for a spirit of peace and joy over our households (or wherever we travel).

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given. Isaiah 9:6 NKJV

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