Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question of the Week #19

Do you like to read different translations of the Bible? Why or why not? Do you have one dependable and/or beloved translation that you use all the time? Or do you like to keep things fresh by adding different translations to your rotation?

My answer:

I do like reading different translations of the Bible. I think this helps me grasp what the author is saying. Some translations are more of a song, such as the King James Version. Some are more blunt, such as the Literal Translation. Either way, I enjoy reading a passage in several versions.

The Bible I use most is in the NIV version. I tend to use this one more, because it is a Pentecostal study Bible. As a member of an AG (Assemblies of God) church, this is preferable to me. I don't believe one translation is more dependable than another. I believe God is all-powerful, therefore is powerful enough to ensure the Bible is correct and properly written. It's man that misreads or misinterprets things incorrectly. Only the Holy Spirit can convict you in this area, not man.

I do like to keep things fresh by using different translations. As I said, I believe it helps me to see where the author is coming from and saying.

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