Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question of the Week #21

How about a question about questions this week. What kinds of questions--if any--do you want to see asked for this Question of the Week feature? Are there any kinds of questions you don't want asked? Is the lack of participation due to bad questions? Are my questions too shallow? too deep? too personal? too irrelevant? too repetitive? too mindless? too boring? If you want Question of the Week continue in the future, think of a few questions you'd like to see presented at a future date on Question of the Week. I'm asking you to take a few minutes of your time and give back. Be honest. I can take it. Really. If there is zero interest in this feature, then I'll stop this one. I might think of something to replace it. Another interactive type feature that is more open-ended than answering a specific question. So make that question two or three. Would you be more interested in stopping by weekly if it was not a question feature but more of a chatty free for all?

My answer was actually posted on her blog. If you have any ideas, please click here to help Becky out, thanks!

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