Friday, May 1, 2009

All About You - Letter E

  • My hubby's middle name is EDWIN
  • My youngest son's middle name is EDWARD
  • My dad's middle name is also EDWARD
  • Both of my grandfathers had the middle name EARL
  • My church is in ELWOOD, Kansas
  • I own the book E is for EVIDENCE
  • Both of my EARS are double pierced
  • I rarely wear EARRINGS
  • My EYES are brown
  • Although I lived in California for over seven year, I never EXPERIENCED an EARTHQUAKE
  • EASTER is my favorite holiday
  • I have had a couple of ECHOCARDIOGRAMS
  • I like to EAT EGGS
  • I do no like to EAT EGGPLANT
  • I've never been to EGYPT
  • One of my friends from church was born in ENGLAND
  • My ELBOWS are very sharp
  • I love the song EAST to West by Casting Crowns
  • My stepdaughter ERIN lives too far away
  • I like EASTER Lilies
  • I also like EVERGREENS
  • I call my hubby EDDIE

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