Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's your worship style? Do you prefer hymns or praise songs and choruses? Or perhaps a blend of the two? Do you have a favorite hymn or two that uplifts you? How about praise songs? Do you have any favorites?

My answer:

Uplifting praise music would be my favorite, but I like all forms of worship music. I have so many "favorites", I couldn't possibly list them all. I think my top hymn would be "Amazing Grace". The words say all there is to say. When I fell and broke my ankle (June 2004), I sang this hymn in my head for over an hour to keep my mind off the pain. I can't tell you how much of my sanity that saved!

I also sing when I have trouble going to sleep (again, in my head). Usually short choruses. "Shout to the Lord" comes to mind as well as "Awesome God". "I like Majesty as well as "I Lift Your Name on High"

Some other miscellaneous songs: "You are Everything", "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus", "Majesty (Here I Am)", and "Give Us Clean Hands"

Of course, my favorite would be from Casting Crowns. I'll post a video below.
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