Thursday, April 30, 2009

All About You - Letter D

Today's letter is D

  • My hubby's first name is DAVID
  • I love DONUTS
  • Sadly, I don't eat many, because I'm DIABETIC
  • Which means I see my DOCTOR way too much!
  • I've never eaten DUCK
  • Our yard is becoming a DANDELION farm
  • I have a huge fear of going to the DENTIST
  • I really want a DISHWASHER
  • For those that don't know, my DAD stopped DRINKING
  • I DIVORCED my first husband in 1989
  • I fight DEPRESSION most days
  • My DAD built me a DOLLHOUSE as part of my high school graduation gift
  • I love wearing DRESSES
  • I love DOGWOODS
  • I like to play DOMINOES
  • I flew to DENVER with two friends many years ago
  • My oldest son was born in DALLAS
  • My first new car was a DODGE colt
  • I dislike DRIVING anywhere
  • My oldest (step)DAUGHTER is DIANA
  • I have four (step)DAUGHTERS (still counting ex's daughter)
  • I was once hospitalized for a week with DIVERTICULITIS
  • I cannot call my Heavenly Father DADDY
  • Jesus (my Savior) is from the line of DAVID

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