Wednesday, February 11, 2009

quick update

Here's a picture of our handsome son and beautiful daughter-in-law. I'm asking anyone whom may stop by here to keep them in prayer. S and A were married on 01/03/2009. A is in college in full time and works full time at a local bank. She starts nursing school in the fall. S has been sent to Wichita through the Air National Guard and will be there until September of this year. Now, it's not like he's thousands of miles away, or deployed overseas, we understand that. However, since they are newlyweds, this is hard for them. From their home here in town to Wichita, it's about a three and half hour drive, so they can see other a couple of times a month. Coming from a military background (Navy brat for those that don't know), I understand these things happen, and how hard it is on the family. However, S's mom and family are making it harder for A than it should be. They are giving her a hard time and telling S that A should have dropped everything to be with him because she is his wife. Now, I understand Biblical submission, for the most part. I also think I understand being a good steward of the finances the Lord blesses us with. I know how I felt when this first came up and have been praying about it since. I still feel they have both done what they should have. A is in school and has a full time job here. Together, they have a rented home and all that goes with it. S is currently living in a hotel room (paid for by the military because base housing is full). Do you believe the Lord would have her give up her current classes, as well as her current job, leave their home without notice and then have to store their belongings for eight months? Is this good stewardship? No, I don't believe so! So, back to the original request - I'm asking everyone to please pray that they will have peace as a couple, they are doing what has to be done right now. May they have wisdom and knowledge when speaking with anyone that chooses to put them down for their decisions in this matter. Also for the family that they can see the pain this is causing.

Thanks! Be blessed through our Savior, Jesus Christ

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