Sunday, February 1, 2009

Then Sings My Soul - Draw Me Close

Today we had the most awesome worship service ever! Worship lasted well over an an hour! I can't tell you how much I needed this today. I've been pretty discouraged lately. I only have two kids in Sunday School, and our room is small, my resources very limited. To say that all three of us are bored is putting it mildly. I do what I can to make it more fun, stopping for games, or just a short PE break. (four and five year olds need to move!)

I have to be honest, when we first came to our church, I wasn't sure how to react. I did not grow in a Christian home, I did not know much about God, Jesus, or the Bible. Through friends the Lord brought into my life, I had a little knowledge. Most of my time spent in church was either a Baptist church or with my ex's family, whom are RLDS, now known as Community of Christ. So, jumping into a Pentecostal Assembly of God church was scary! But, the Lord knows what is best for us! I don't think you can find the kind of family love we have in just any church. The fact that we are very small helps of course! Today the Lord touched my heart and showed me that I am an important part of this family and my work is important. Thank You Jesus!

I'm posting "Draw Me Close" by Kutless today. This is one of the songs we sang today. I also wanted to post "I Want to Sing", but could not find the version I wanted. I woke up with this going in my head today:

I want to sing, sing, sing
I want to shout, shout, shout
I want to sing, I want to shout
And praise the Lord ...

Your turn!

Now for the video:

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