Sunday, January 3, 2010

Read Through the Bible in 90 Days: Day Two

Day two of Read The Bible in 90 Days takes us from Genesis 17:1 to Genesis 28:19.

My thoughts for today's reading:

  • Even those with great faith have moments of doubt. Even Abraham laughed when the Lord told him he would a father of many. This gives me strength as I look toward the future, not knowing what may come, wondering "can it really get worse" and how I will deal with it.
  • Nothing is too great (or small) for God. Sarah was well past child bearing age when she gave birth to Isaac.
  • God protects and provides for those that follow Him. The Lord provided the lamb when Abraham listened to His instructions to sacrifice Isaac. The Lord provided a well of water for Hagar after she was forced from Abraham's camp. God provided a wife for Isaac when
    Abraham sent his servant back to his father's people, knowing a wife from the people of the land were not suitable.
  • God will discipline His people when they choose to hurt others. Jacob was forced to flee his home when he (twice) cheated his brother Esau. I believe the Lord disciplines us to save us from eternal harm.
Again, today's reading shows us that the Lord God loves us, wants to have a relationship and fellowship with us. While none of us are perfect (there was only ONE perfect one), we should strive to be more like HIM every day.

I know my thoughts are scrambled today, please forgive me. While I read this section and wrote notes on Saturday, that is the one day I do not use the computer. Instead, I spend my free time with my hubby. This is his one true day off, so we keep it between us! :)

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