Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekly prayer - Kindness

This week's prayer topic came to mind after some deep (and painful) soul searching. When speaking with my husband this past week, I admitted to him that I had not completely submitted all of myself to him. We've been married almost nine years, and I still had a hidden fear of lose or pain may still be coming. Being the wonderful, patient, and kind man that he is, he confessed he knew this. Wow, talk about mind blowing! I thought for sure he would he mad, scold, or argue with me about my thoughts (reasons) on the subject. Instead he just asked what I wanted to do about it. "Pray" was my answer. You see, this is something I cannot do on my own. I need the Lord's help. I cannot tell you how much lighter and happier I feel now. I less than a week, the Lord has shown me I can do this. Even if pain or hurt comes (and it will in some form, weather it be loss or just plain not getting along), my Heavenly Father will always be there for me! So, with that said:

I admit my faults and mistakes to You. I thank You that You know these already, and love me anyway. Thank You for showing them to me, and I beg You to help me put the hurt and pain from my past away. Today is a new day! I am so truly blessed to have a husband that loves me, honors me, and cherishes me. I cannot thank You enough for him. I ask that you fill me with your gentleness and show me how to show kindness to my wonderful mate. Not stopping there Lord, I ask You to show me how to be kind to others, especially those that do not show kindness to me. I know this will be hard, and I will make mistakes. Please forgive me ahead of time, and remind me that I need to go on and try harder the next time. I long to be a true Disciple of Christ. In His most precious name. Amen.

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