Sunday, January 24, 2010

TSMSS - Feel The Nails

This week I've chosen "Feel The Nails" by Ray Boltz. This has been done as a special during our worship service several times and it always makes me think and cry. What do you think? Does Jesus feel the nails each time we fail? Oh, how I hope not. I don't know about you, but I fail several times a day. The thought of hurting my Lord and Savior so many times a day brings tears to my eyes.

1st verse

They tell me Jesus died

For my transgressions

That he paid that price a long, long time ago

When he gave his life for me On a hill called Calvary

But there's something else I want to know


Does he still feel the nails

Every time I fail

Can he hear the crowd cry "Crucify" again

Am I causing him pain

Then I know I've got to change

I just can't bear the thought of hurting him.

2nd verse

It seems that I'm so good at breaking promises

And I treat his precious grace so carelessly

But each time he forgives

What if he re-lives The agony

He felt on that tree

Chorus 1x

Holy, holy Holy is the Lord

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord

Do you still feel the nails

Every time I fail

Have I crucified you Jesus with my sins

Oh I'm tired of playing games

I really want to change

I never want to hurt you again

Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord

Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord

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