Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Jumping back into Thankful Thursday!

It's been a very long time. Seems I just can't keep up these days, yet I really don't know why. (okay, I have ideas, but you really don't want to hear them, now do you? LOL )

I really don't have a theme or long list today.
I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, my family, and most of all, my wonderful savior, Jesus Christ.

I'm thankful I live in a country where (for now) I'm free to worship Jesus and still pray in His name. I'm thankful to Him for His Love, Mercy, and Grace. Without those, this life would be nothing and worthless!

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Denise said...

Very sweet blessings, thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Amen and a GREAT praise list. I am thankful for all of these things too. Hugs, and see you again this Thursday.