Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today my focus was on the blessings my Lord gives me, rather than focusing on the attacks of the week. I am very blessed! My wonderful husband always gets me the sweetest cards, no matter the occasion. Today was no different. The Lord brought me the sweetest, kindest man in the second half of my life. Add to those qualities, Eddie tries very hard to follow the Lord's call in his life and the directions He gives us.

Our marriage did not start out on easy ground, but I had faith that this was the man I was supposed to marry. I had to be the spiritual leader for the first few years, and relied on a lot of prayer. I admit there were a couple of times I almost threw in the towel. I thank Jesus every day that I did not. I honestly could not ask for a kinder, more caring husband. I am not only very blessed, but very spoiled! (and proud of it!)

Beyond that, I have a nice home, cars that are paid for, we both have good jobs that provide a good income and good benefits. We live in a country where we are free to worship our Lord at any time, and belong to a very loving church family. I also have a wonderful extended family and some awesome friends. (you know who you are! I love ya!)

My biggest blessing is that my Lord loves me, flaws and all. To have such love and mercy is such an awesome thing. To know I can run to Him and beg, scream, or just plain cry at any moment is wonderful, knowing the He does not disown me or think less of me because of my moodiness is truly the biggest blessing a person could ever have.

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