Thursday, September 25, 2008


I will never learn to understand the thinking of the higher ups in my company. I was so beyond frustrated with them today that I went to my boss and asked to go home and take PTO for the day. (paid time off....and since I'm salary, I have to use a whole day, even though it was more like five hours) The muckedy mucks always say they want to empower us, but even if you call and get "permission", someone else will come up behind you and mess it up. I have truly given up trying to figure out these people. All I can say is satan is alive and well in KC.

Having gotten that off my chest....I've spent my free time reading and researching on the web. I've gone through this phase before and allowed the enemy to distract me. I'm feeling the need for some serious soul searching. I have a deep hunger and thirst to know my Lord very personally. I read and study my Bible, but I feel like that's not getting me what I need. Now, don't freak out, I'm not looking into any cults or the like. I'm looking for a deeper study guide than what the commentaries in my Bible provide. Through my searching today I have found the titles to some books that look pretty in depth, without being over my head. Now I have to wait for my new debit card to come in so I can order them. Being on the cash system is great for life here in town, but I can't get just anything in this one horse town.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful friend whom sent me a very helpful CD. I've used it before, and will start with it again until I can get the books. I've also found a couple of useful websites (through the same friend's blog) that have helped me greatly. Thanks Lisa! (Hope you don't mind my linking you here) Lisa's Blog

So, I've rambled on without much direction tonight. I pray the Lord give you a clearer mind than mine tonight!

Halle lu Yah

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Lisa W said...

Sherry! I didn't know you had a blog. :) I saw this link in my trackbacks and it piqued my curiosity. I commented last night, but I think it got eaten by my computer.

I'm sorry you've had such a rough go at work. Man, that stinks. It sure would be nice if we could all enjoy our work.

You've been on my mind and in my prayers lately. I'm glad to see your comments today and to have found you blog. Of course I don't mind the links!! I'm thrilled that you've found those things helpful. :)

Love ya ~