Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wow, who is this guy?

Today I met a very different side of my dear husband. Amazingly enough, I have never in eight years, seen my husband very angry. To say he surprised me would be putting it very mildly. Now, thank the Lord, his anger was not towards me. (and how could it be, since I'm such a kind, gentle, loving person? LOL Stop laughing and I'll go on)

We have, for the past week, been in the midst of a very strong battle with the enemy. He has attacked us every way possible, but the biggest was in our bank account. Now, since the main problem that started this whole thing was an error on one company's part, we have been battling the bank to fix the problem. I might as well have been talking with stone walls, that's how far I got. My husband on the other hand, got every single overdraft charge reversed! (and there were 13 by the time the bank finished with us. and some of those were overdraft charges on the negative balance fee. explain that one to me if you can)

He has gotten the alarm company to admit their mistake and fault in this whole process. Now, they are willing to talk about reimbursing us for the negative fees. We'll see if there are any left to pay. I may ask for pain and suffering charges instead. I've been beyond sick about this.

So, not only did my husband surprise me with this new side (which I found rather sexy), but the Lord has taught me yet another lesson. As my dear friend just reminded me, "Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is!"

And He is!
Praise Jehovah!!


A Day in the Life of Craziness said...

Wow, how cool is that....what a great testimony.

Sherrylinn said...

Why, thank you, yes it is! : )