Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!

For those that go back five or six years, you remember where that came from. (I sure miss her) Anytime I receive an unexpected blessing this phrase comes to my mind. Today has been such a day. (warning: pms is rearing it's ugly head, so I've been quite moody)

The day started with a real puzzle. DH and I stopped at the only gas station in Elwood, Kansas, which happens to be the town our church is in. (just west of us on the other side of the Missouri River). We get our drinks (coke for E and iced tea for me--see I'm behaving myself Gidg) After the cashier rings us up and E hands her his debit card it comes back declined. WHAT? I just checked and balanced the account on monday. Things were getting tight, as it does the first two weeks of the month, but we had much more than two dollars left! Okay, okay, maybe it's just a glitch? I run out to the jeep and grab my loose change. I'm five cents short, but the cashiers all know us and let us go. Praise God that hurdle was cleared. Get to the church and pastor lets us use the computer to check things out. Well, not only did we not have two dollars, I'm $123 in the hole?! again....WHAT????? No time to fiddle, it's time for prayer meeting to start, which is more important. That goes well. (of course it does, talking with our Savior is not only important, it's sheer joy! ) After we get home I check things out in depth. Wonderful, the alarm company has over charged me by $99 and add that to the two service charges from the bank for that withdrawal and the one from the night before at the gas station.....hence the negative $123. Wonderful. (NOT)

Fast forward about an hour, the mail comes and guess what the Lord has sent me? A refund check from the oral surgeon's office. While we still are not sitting pretty, my account now has $34 in it to purchase gas and groceries to hold us until friday. What can I say? God is good!!!

So, after running (okay, I drove, but very fast!) to the bank, I stop at the grocery store for the few things we needed. Won't take my check. Now what? They don't know, but I'm on the "list". Okay fine, keep your milk, bread and cheese, I won't die. This one I can't figure out, but I'm finally done pouting about it. Like E said, they don't know what the problem is, and they are checking it for us. It is in the Lord's hands, He will let me know. (soon I hope)

So, I sit here for hours and pout and worked myself into a tension headache, which means I'm missed church tonight. (more pouting) I try to watch a movie, it skips. So, on with the tv. I don't watch a whole lot during the week, so I'm not even sure what's on. Flipping I find TBN and Kirk Cameron with Ray Comfort. God's telling me, Sherry, get off your duff and praise Me. All is not lost....and, of course, He's right. I have my wonderful husband, a nice house, two cars that are paid for, a good job, and many wonderful friends. I am blessed!

So, once again, I praise You Jesus in this storm!!
Hallelu Yah!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone was really trying to get you down. Good for you for not letting it happen and praising the Lord!

A Day in the Life of Craziness said...

I just really really like you :) Poor or not :)

Sherrylinn said...

Yes, the enemy was attacking hard. And, thanks Gidg, I like you too, but don't tell anyone, I wouldn't want people to think I have a heart or anything. ; )