Sunday, September 7, 2008


There's nothing like a great worship service and deep sermon to refill my "joy tank". Today the worship was so moving tears filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks. Do you know how privileged we are to be children of God and live in a country where we are still free to worship Jesus in public, at will? I can't describe how I feel about this privilege. If you've never thought about this (for those of us that are still free to do so), I highly suggest reading a book (or more) by others less fortunate. "The Heavenly Man" is a good one.

Anyway, I ran off topic there just a little. (I hardly ever do that....oh, look, a kitty ; ) ) The enemy will throw things at us all day long to steal our joy, and let me tell you, I allow it way too much! I know I'm human (imagine that), but I really do get mucked down too fast and too far. Thank the Lord for not only his love, mercy, and grace. I thank Him that I have found like believers and a place where I can go to meet with them. While reading and studying His Word helps, I need the uplifting I receive being with others. Add to that the sheer joy I get from teaching, listening to, and playing with the kids, and sundays are always on the top of my list as my best day.

I do not wish to start a debate on whether one "should" attend church, and on which day we should attend a house of worship, etc. These are things that each person should follow under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He will guide you! What I will stress is do you believe in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Do you have a personal relationship with him? Do you talk with him on a daily basis? These are things that bring me joy! The true joy one can have with a relationship with Jesus Christ is beyond awesome. I wish I could explain it with words, but I cannot. All I can say is that since I gave my life to Him (totally and completely), I have been beyond blessed!



Anonymous said...

"Do you know how privileged we are to be children of God and live in a country where we are still free to worship Jesus in public, at will?"

You know, worship in the US is so different than here. Even if we can freely attend church, it's not the same. The English speaking church we attended gave you feel good stories, maybe a verse thrown in here or there, but it had no real 'meat' to it. Only other option is going to services in a language I'm still struggling to learn.

I was just telling hubby this weekend that I think the thing I miss most about living in the US is having a church home that is alive and full of the word. Wish I had appreciated it more when I was there.

A Day in the Life of Craziness said...

Who are you and what have you done with Sherry???????

You are so cool :)