Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, yep, it's monday. Rather quiet day at work, which is always enjoyable. I enjoy mondays for the most part. I have two people off on monday that make the day a little more quiet. One is "difficult" and the other is mentally challenged. With one, you don't know what kind of mood to expect, the other is either really quiet or rambles all day, depending on what is happening at home. I can deal with the second one, I have two boys that are considered "mentally challenged".

The other, well, that takes a lot of prayer and just plain tongue biting. The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure that most of the problem is conviction from the Holy Spirit. I can tell you first hand there is nothing that will make you more miserable than walking away from your relationship with Jesus to enjoy the pleasures of the world. Why we do it is a big mystery to me. The Bible gives up plenty of warnings of who will end up in Hell and what it is like. I pray this person turns around before it's too late.

Well, I'm rambling because I'm really tired. Until tomorrow,

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